Rustic Remixes (Sonic)

by KingTiger

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These 3 remixes include various songs from various Sonic games. There were made as part of the Sonic Zone Remix Competition: My chosen song was "Rusty Ruins" from the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D Blast, so you'll hear it throughout each of these songs.


released July 30, 2012




KingTiger Phoenix, Arizona

A producer of electronic music. Often sounds like video game music, and sometimes like rock music, if it were completely synthetic. Sometimes stupidly pop-py.

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Track Name: Gario, KingTiger, Syllix, Prophecy, Brandon Strader - Stacking the Odds (Various Sonic Games)
hello everybody, my name is KingTiger
and I"m not just some rapper for hire
if I do a guest spot, you know it means a lot
which is why I'm reppin' Sonic here on OverClocked
makin' VG mixes is my game
and it might not get me a lot of fame
but the mainstream thing ain't my aim
but at least for now, someone knows my name

8-bit, 16-bit, or even higher
with these zones we'll never tire
so we'll compete
to make the best beats

now that we've got some things established
I think it's time to make a new adage
with the blue blur, you'll always manage
to have a lot of fun, any way you plan it
we're representing our fellow pancakes
serving it up any way you can take
not fake, on your plate, we will never be a flake
'cept a tender, flaky crust every time we shake 'n' bake

now on this track with my boy Syllix
you're gonna find a lotta juiciness in it
we're doin' you a favor and bringin' you the flavors
in a blend that you're always gonna savor
you've got Gario bringin' you the mix
just like Mario does hat tricks
but instead of bopping' blocks, he's makin' your head bop
with a Sonic mix that rocks your socks off