Road Trip b​/​w This Is Madness! (Sonic CD)

by KingTiger, Main Finger, ladyWildfire

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This is a 9-bit house remix of "Stardust Speedway" from Sonic CD (US) on the Sega CD/Mega CD that incorporates elements from the Present version & both Future versions of the source, as well as a little cameo of Panic Puppet" from Sonic 3D Blast on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

The b-side is a old school dance remix of "Metallic Madness" from the JP version of Sonic CD by Main Finger with vocals by ladyWildfire and rap vocals by yours truly. The first verse is an adaptation of the peculiar voiceover heard at the beginning of Present version of the source.

Both songs were part of the OverClocked Remix album "Temporal Duality":

(Would anybody like a cassette, or - even better - a 45 vinyl single of these songs? Because that would be really cool.)


released November 25, 2013




KingTiger Phoenix, Arizona

A producer of electronic music. Often sounds like video game music, and sometimes like rock music, if it were completely synthetic. Sometimes stupidly pop-py.

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Track Name: Main Finger, KingTiger, ladyWildfire - This Is Madness!
(Ohh, yeah!)

[Verse 1]

Yeah, yeah, this place is here
because of you, and he's going through
He's gotta get through, you know the deal
You got your due, he's gonna get through
Get yourself ready for life
That's the deal, so here we go
Yo! We outta here! I said, we outta here!

This place is here, and he's going through
You know the deal, he's gonna get through
(Ohh, yeah!)


You can't do anything, so don't even try
Get some help
So do your Sonic best
Don't even try
Sonic, dead or alive, is mine

(Ohh, yeah!)

[Verse 2]

Time distortion, you got your portion
Think you got it made, but you're just forcin'
things to go through the the motions
Here he comes, 'cross the ocean to
stop you. He's doin' his part
You wanna give life a mechanical heart
He's gonna tear your plans apart
You had it lost from the start

Use your machines to try and stop him
It don't matter you double cross him
with sawblades or put him in your crosshairs
Blowin' it all, and you haven't lost him
yet. Your prize creation
Your metal blue blur to rule the nations
He wrecked it, no hesitation
You'll lose when you try to race him


You can't do a thing, so don't even try
Get help
Do your Sonic best
Don't even...
Sonic, dead or alive, is mine

[Verse 3]

You've set up your last defense
He'll break it down at every chance
He'll do it, you know, with time & rings
So you gotta go with your robots and things
One more time he'll break through walls
One more time he'll bust your balls
Run, swim, warp, or even crawl
He'll make sure you take the fall


You can't do anything, so don't even try
Get some help
(You know the deal
He's gonna get through)
So do your Sonic best
Don't even try
Sonic, dead or alive, is mine

Ohh, yeah!